Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's All About Believe...

I've always had this wish in my mind..which I wanna wear a pair of Dr. Cardin's shoes, and a TOPMAN's jacket..(bought with my own money)..I don't really know how to get it by myself at that time..from time to time I learn from others and my environment..and luckily I have a very good environment..I have so many friends that I can call as positive thinkers.. yes they are! They are so positive until every negative thing that ever happen to them they can take it as a positive situation and lesson.. that's the best part of them.. and I stick with this word in every step of my journey in my life..
The journey of my life isn't that takes a lot of efforts and determination of mine to get to my target..
it's not the journey to get those things..but the journey to get something big in my life.. I've been through many kinds of things that would let me down if I don't have the strong will I had..and..after just the word BELIEVE..I achieved what I've been fighting for and the result is..I can afford to have my own Dr. Cardin's shoes, TOPMAN's jacket and today I just bought another pair of Valentino Rudy's shoes! yeeeha! BELIEVE..that's all it takes to bring you to anywhere! :)

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